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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Gynecology & Women's Health

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Prenatal substance abuse is a serious public health hazard that has been related to a number of deleterious maternal and foetal outcomes. Tobacco is the most often consumed substance during pregnancy, followed by alcohol, cannabis, and other illegal substances. "Drug babies" are frequently born to drug-addicted moms. These kids have a variety of developmental issues. Studies reveal that consuming drugs during pregnancy, whether legal or illicit, has a direct influence on the foetus. The foetus will be affected if you smoke, drink alcohol, or consume caffeine. If mothers use marijuana or crystal meth while pregnant, the foetus will be affected as well. And if the mother is addicted to cocaine, commonly known as coke, snow, or blow, they're not only jeopardising thier own life, but they're also risking the health of the unborn child. Heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizures are all possible side effects of cocaine use. These potentially fatal health issues can also be passed on to an unborn child.

Committee Members
Speaker at Womens Health Conference - Carlos Leal

Carlos Leal

Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Mexico
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Alberto Maringhini

Alberto Maringhini

ARNAS Civico Palermo, Italy
Speaker at Gynecology Conferences - George K Creatsas

George K Creatsas

University of Athens, Greece
Gynec 2024 Speakers
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Shailja Dixit

Shailja Dixit

Curio Digital Therapeutics, United States
Speaker at Womens Health Conference - Lee Marino Clyne

Lee Marino Clyne

Mills College, United States
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Mohamed Hosni

Mohamed Hosni

Health Care - NHS, United Kingdom
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Aysha Afzhal Qureshi

Aysha Afzhal Qureshi

ABUHB, United Kingdom

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