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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Gynecology & Women's Health

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Epigenetic Effects on Reproductive and Developmental Processes

Epigenetic Effects on Reproductive and Developmental Processes

It has been abundantly obvious in recent years that epigenetic alteration is critical throughout both early and late oogenesis and spermatogenesis. In other circumstances, such as embryo development and growth, diseases, and X-chromosome inactivation and genomic imprinting, epigenetic alterations are also implicated. Epigenetic reprogramming is defined as any mitotic or meiotic change that does not result in a change in DNA sequence yet has a significant impact on embryonic development. In addition to requiring epigenetic modification to become the germline, primordial germ cells undergo a distinct wave of epigenetic reprogramming that most other lineages do not. During prenatal and postnatal development, both internal and external influences influence epigenetic alteration. Because all of the epigenetic modification pathways are unclear, mis reprogramming of these steps can be changed with the help of medications and nutrition if epigenetic modification is understood. Furthermore, epigenetic control is required for multicellular organisms' biological complexity, cloning, and assisted reproductive technology progeny production.

Committee Members
Speaker at Womens Health Conference - Carlos Leal

Carlos Leal

Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Mexico
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Alberto Maringhini

Alberto Maringhini

ARNAS Civico Palermo, Italy
Speaker at Gynecology Conferences - George K Creatsas

George K Creatsas

University of Athens, Greece
Gynec 2024 Speakers
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Shailja Dixit

Shailja Dixit

Curio Digital Therapeutics, United States
Speaker at Womens Health Conference - Lee Marino Clyne

Lee Marino Clyne

Mills College, United States
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Mohamed Hosni

Mohamed Hosni

Health Care - NHS, United Kingdom
Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Aysha Afzhal Qureshi

Aysha Afzhal Qureshi

ABUHB, United Kingdom

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