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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Gynecology & Women's Health

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Gynec 2023

Subramanyam Dasari

Speaker at Womens Health Conference - Subramanyam Dasari
Subramanyam Dasari
Indiana University Bloomington, United States


Dr. Subramanyam Dasari completed his PhD (2014) in Cancer Biology (Gynecological cancers) at the School of Herbal Studies and Naturo Sciences, Department of Biotechnology from Dravidian University, Andhra Pradesh (India).  During his doctoral studies, he studied the use of potential serum protein biomarkers used to evaluate the diagnosis and prognosis of the gynecological cancers (cervical cancer, ovarian and endometrial) and Breast Cancers. The study also focused on the role of microbial flora and their enzymes as risk factors in the development of gynecological cancers. Then he joined as Postdoctoral research fellow at UIC, College of Medicine at Rockford, USA (2015-2017) to study the anticancer effects and their mechanism of biotherapeutic compounds against prostate cancer and cervical cancers. Then he moved to Indiana University, School of medicine, Bloomington, Indiana as a Post-doctoral research associate (2017-till). Dr. Dasari is seeking to understand the reciprocal interactions between ovarian cancer cells and their tumor microenvironment for the regulation of metastatic colonization in ovarian cancer. They used in vitro organotypic 3D culture models, live 3D time-lapse microscopy and mouse xenograft models of metastasis along with cell and molecular biological approaches to study the reciprocal interactions between the metastasizing cancer cells with their microenvironment at the site of metastasis.

Dr. Dasari is author of over 38 original papers, reviews, and book chapters, and presented numerous national and international conferences. In addition, Dr. Dasari is serving in several international organizations: member of the American association of cancer research (AACR), Indiana Science congress. Dr. Dasari is topic editor for journal Biomolecules, cells (MDPI), topic editor for Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences and Review Editor for Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics.