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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Gynecology & Women's Health

October 17-19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 17 -19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Gynec 2024

Alberto Maringhini

Speaker at Obstetrics Congress - Alberto Maringhini
Alberto Maringhini
ARNAS Civico Palermo, Italy


Alberto Maringhini, M.D. is in biliary and pancreatic diseases. He started with a peculiar interest on portal hypertension and bleeding in cirrhotics and then in diagnosis of portal hypertension and hepatocellular carcinoma. Then he started his interest on gallbladder and pregnancy, acute pancreatitis diagnosis and prognosis, pancreatic cancer clinics and epidemiology. Cronic pancreatitis laboratoruy diagnosis and clinical presentation. Finally, acute pancreatitis and pregnancy and breast feeding in prevention of post partum acute pancreatitis. His clinical work in internal medicine and mainly in gastroeneterology started in 1977 and nowadays he is directore of interbal medicine in the largest hospital in Sicily and in southern Italy after “Cldarelli Hospital” in Naples. 

1977 Degree in Medicine
1979 research fellow Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen Denmark, ultrasound laboratory
1978 -81 postgrduate in Gastroenterology
1983-91 resident in Internal Medicine V Cervello Hospital. Palermo
1983 Research yellow Herrlev Hospital, Copenhagen Denmark interventional ultrasound
1985 Special project associate Mayo Clinic GI Unit (E.P DiMagno, MD)
1990 Visiting Scientist Mayo Clinic GI Uniit (EP DiMagno, MD)
1991-99 Senior Resident Internal Medicine Ospedale V Cervello Palermo Italy
1999-present Consultant Internal Medicine ARNAS Civico Palermo Italy
2010-17 Director Department Internal Medicine ARNAS Civico Palermo